Price per Unit:          $ 2.95       Price per Case:        $ 118.00
Vegetarian Ham and Bacon Sandwich
Ingredients: Wheat bread, vege sliced ham, vege bacon,
sliced tomato, mustard, lettuce, avocado and mayonnaise
Method: Pan fry 3 strips of vege bacon until surface turns
brown. Lay the vege bacon and 3 pieces of the vege ham
slice, lettuce, tomato, and avocado on the wheat bread.  
Apply the desired mayonnaise. Place another piece of
the wheat bread on top and service.
Potato and Vegetarian Ham Salad
Ingredients: Diced potato, diced carrot, diced vege ham,
diced apple slices, green peas, mayonnaise, sugar,
sesame oil
Method: Boil potato, carrot, and green peas. Let it stand
until completely cool.  Mix above with all other
ingredients, and serve.
Bamboo Shoot and Vegetarian Ham Soup
Ingredients: Bamboo shoot, vegetarian ham, black
mushroom, shredded ginger root, coriander, salt,
sesame oil, ground pepper
Method: Cut bamboo shoot and cut strips of vegetarian
ham. Boil bamboo shoot, vegetarian ham, black
mushroom, ginger root, salt in a large pot. Mix corn
starch with water, then pour into pot. Cook until boil. Add
sesame oil, coriander, and ground pepper, and serve.
Vegetarian Ham and Seaweed Roll
Ingredients: Seaweed, mayonnaise, asparagus, peanut
powder, vegetarian ham, red cabbage
Method: Boil asparagus, drain all water, and let it cool
down. Shred the red cabbage and soak in salt water. Cut
strips of vegetarian ham. Arrange all the ingredients on
the seaweed. Roll up the seaweed and cut into 1 inch